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I am always amused to find that something I thought I was doing on my own is actually part of a larger trend! I briefly got really Into Fragrance in mid-2022 and bought at least a dozen samples from a handful of different parfumeries (which for me is a lot!), and sniffed a bunch more on those little slips of paper at Ulta and Sephora. I was constantly reading about the different aroma chemicals and absolutes.

I do agree that there's something about fragrance--invisible, silent, but very physical and immediate--that's the antithesis of disembodied digital existence. In retrospect I'm not surprised that I was unknowingly tapping into some zeitgeist.

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here are my two guesses on the lack of sample availability

-it seems to track the decline of department store quality generally

-now that we’ve learned about Good Scents, the same quantity of samples is much less impressive, because we can dismiss most of them immediately

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